Living the low carb lifestyle.

I started living low carb in January 2011 and have not looked back since. I want to weigh about 150lbs, but for now im taking small steps and setting achievable goals to help me stay on track. Once i reach 150lbs and am able to sustain that then i will set further goals. xox

Height - 5ft 6 inches.
Start weight - 241lbs
Current weight - 163lbs
July Goal. 199lbs - By August 1st. ACHIEVED.
August Goal. 185lbs - By September 1st. ACHIEVED.
September Goal. 178lbs - By October 3rd. ACHIEVED.
October - December Goal. 168lbs - By mid December.

It is now April and i currently weigh 163lbs :)

First Goal weight - 150lbs
Living the low carb lifestyle.